Roses & Lace

a mission to help

Roses & Lace has always had a mission to help others. This business was started to enable us to help brides who couldn't afford to go to a larger florist, decided to have a last minute wedding, or were intimidated by the process. Over the years we have learned how to better serve our clients, how to value their time as much as our own, and how to do garlands. So, so many garlands. I received a compliment recently about how Roses & Lace does not have a concrete style; how we are adept at tackling different ideas and visions. I chuckled a little bit (thinking about how many of our unique processes do result in a consistent style), but, I had to agree with the specific weddings we were talking about. As much as we might have a specific style (even it it is just how we always use pearl tipped boutonniere pins), more importantly, we have a specific clientele that we chose to work with. We are an uncomplicated, down to earth, honest company, and that is also the type of people we like to work with. We are less concerned about what style of wedding you have, and more concerned with the business relationship we will have with you. We have had the pleasure over the years to do a wide variety of wedding styles and colors, and as as you know, with each year the styles and colors change-we too must adapt to keep up. But, the clients we tend to attract stay the same; honest, down to earth, and usually uncomplicated (except for the 42 ft garland you just requested). 

Before the days of #crazyflowerbaby, my husband and I were young and crazy, and didn't have a clue about life. I personally didn't have a clue about how to do wedding flowers, however it didn't stop me from doing ours. I will always have a fondness for backyard weddings because of ours, which of course included BBQ, shotguns, and a homemade gazebo. It is hard to believe that was 7 years ago; the time has flown, and I desperately want it to slow down. I am constantly trying to embrace the 'crazy' in our lives and soak in the precious memories I know I will miss later.